Monday Mood Zombie Girl „Bella Blingbling“

For all owners of the Monday Mood Zombie Boy „Tony Tropfauge“, the popular „Bella Blingbling“ will soon be available as a freemint.
(Snapshot is 1. Feb 2023, 6pm (CET- Berlin)….❤️


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Artists for Charity – by Andre Wagner and Andreas Berghammer

Technology, Art and Charity.

A unique Advent Calendar to raise funds for girls‘ education in India.
Christmas Advents Calendar, 24 Days, 24 Artists, 24 NFTs… + Bonus Day <3

Start: 01-12-2022 – End: 25.12.2022
11.279 NFTs was minted.
Projekt Site:
5.5742 Eth was Spend for this wonderful Charity NFT Project.

I am a Artists of this Project,
Day 11 – „Die Wundermaschine“…
1.114 NFTs was minted – BIG THANK YOU <3


Roadmap Dec-2022 – Fatcat and HotDog

next Drop for December 2022

FatCat & HotDog – No unicorn – just horse sh***

After getting terribly dirty and very smelly Hotdog and Fatcat had to take a bath. What happened?

Hotdog was following a track of a unicorn, at least that‘s what he claimed to have detected. „We are becoming famous“, Hotdog shouted with his enthusiasm. After walking zig-zag through a forest, climbing over mountains they fell down a steep hill direct into…. …a mountain of horse manure!

„Thank you for that Hotdog“ noted Fatcat. „No unicorns Hotdog but we made it into horse shit. Aaawwsome.“

„I‘m sorry, but I was certain there was at least one unicorn. They smell like a rainbow“, replied Hotdog. „How does a rainbow smell?“, asked Fatcat.

„Like a colourful soap“, answered Hotdog and took a bite of the soap.

„Ohhhhh Hotdog“, Fatcat sighed.

Train77, Freemint for the All in NFT Community

The motif was designed especially for the All In NFT community and can be requested as a freemint via Manifold.

The link to claim is:

The Kritzelheldin and All In NFT would be happy if you follow them on Instagram and/or Twitter.

Anja aka Kritzelheldin and our MOD @samu3ai are on web 3.0 as a „team“ and are building the branding „Kritzelheldin“ together.
Anja came to us in the All In Community via @samu3ai and can be found there in Discord under the Project Holder section.

Ever since she could hold a pen, Anja has loved to draw a lot and so it was obvious that she found her way into the agency and publishing world as a graphic designer and illustrator. For over 15 years now, things have been colourful at the Kritzelheldin.

As Samurai has been in the NFT space since late 2021 and is one of the biggest fans of the doodle heroine’s comic art, it was a quick and easy decision that her images would also be represented on the blockchain.

Metaverse Cat launched in October 2022 and now Team Kritzelheldin is working on a collection about the adventures of FatCat and HotDog. More info to follow.

As a special service, the Kritzelheldin offers the possibility to draw a comic portrait of your pet on request. Your pet – her style!

Thank you for the support and assistance of the All In NFT community members!