Roadmap Dec-2022 – Fatcat and HotDog

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FatCat & HotDog – No unicorn – just horse sh***

After getting terribly dirty and very smelly Hotdog and Fatcat had to take a bath. What happened?

Hotdog was following a track of a unicorn, at least that‘s what he claimed to have detected. „We are becoming famous“, Hotdog shouted with his enthusiasm. After walking zig-zag through a forest, climbing over mountains they fell down a steep hill direct into…. …a mountain of horse manure!

„Thank you for that Hotdog“ noted Fatcat. „No unicorns Hotdog but we made it into horse shit. Aaawwsome.“

„I‘m sorry, but I was certain there was at least one unicorn. They smell like a rainbow“, replied Hotdog. „How does a rainbow smell?“, asked Fatcat.

„Like a colourful soap“, answered Hotdog and took a bite of the soap.

„Ohhhhh Hotdog“, Fatcat sighed.