1. NFT Collection Projekt from Artist Kritzelheldin

The Artist “Kritzelheldin” will be presenting her first NFT Collection soon.
The collection is titled „Like Cat & Dog“ consists of 10 motifs, each with 77 NFTs.

Because this is “Kritzelheldin” first collection mint into the blockchain, there will be plenty of celebration and the owners of the NFTs from this collection will receive special utilities that will not be revealed at this time.

Mint price for an NFT from this first collection is only 0.007 ETH.

We would be delighted if you supported the project and also banged the advertising drum properly. There are still a few surprises here too.

The Artist “Kritzelheldin” is completely doxxed – so no secrets.
She receives support from her husband Samu3ai.

More information on twitter. https://twitter.com/kritzelheldin