Metaverse Cat is born

Before the first release of Kritzelheldin’s NFT collection in November, 3 NFTs will be released (by Manifold).

The Metaverse cat was born and is at home in the blockchain and wants to be in your wallet.

There will be a total of 3 different mints of the Metaverse cat:

1st Mint as of 29.09.2022 +14 days – Freemint.
2nd Mint from 13.10.2022 +7 days – Freemint
3rd Mint from 20.10.2022 +3 days – 0.007 ETH

The special thing here is, whoever owns all three Metaverse cats in their wallet will get a key for the support. This will become even more important later. More info will follow on twitter and on our website.